Mr O King – Head of Humanities, Teacher of History.

Miss G Biswas – Head of Geography.

Mr J Pyatt – Teacher of Geography.

Mrs H Brighton – Second in Faculty, Teacher of French.

Miss C Filmer – Teacher of French.

Ms C Kilroy – Teacher of RE,  Deputy Headteacher.

Ms S Nahar – Teacher of RE.

Miss F Begum – Teacher of RE.

Mr D Hart – Teacher of History, Director of Opportunities.

Ms L van Deventer – Teacher of History.

Miss H Cusack – Teacher of History



Year 7

Key skills in History

Thematic Study of Local History

Norman Conquest

Medieval Life and Medicine


Year 8

British Empire and the Slave Trade

Industrial Revolution and Public Health

Start of the 20th Century


Year 9 – AQA GCSE History (1-9)

Conflict and Tension 1894-1918

Germany 1890-1945


Year 10 – AQA GCSE History (1-9)

Conflict and Tension 1894-1918

Norman England


Year 11 – OCR GCSE History B (Schools History Project)

Making of America

Norman Conquest

Kenilworth Castle



Year 7

Urban Environments

When Will Our Resources Run Out?

Geography of the UK


Year 8

Natural Disasters

Dynamic Development



Key Stage 4

GCSE Geography OCR B


Pupils explore the different human and physical processes that shape, where and how humans live around the world. As part of this, humans will explore the reasons why countries have developed faster than others and how place, space and physical activity can shape human lives.



Year 7


Islam and Judaism

Belief about God

Founder and Holy Text

Place of Worship


Year 8


Equality and Religion

Good and Evil

Social Injustice


Key Stage 4

Within this programme of study, students overall grade will be comprised of the following:

Ethics – 50%

  • Religion and Human Relationships
  • Religion and Medical Ethics
  • Religion and Equality
  • Religion, Peace and Justice


Philosophy – 50%

  • Religious and Spiritual Experience
  • End of Life
  • Religion and Science
  • Good and Evil




Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK and through a combination of practical experience and written assignments, these vocational qualifications provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for a career in this sector. Pupils explore the development of UK tourism, international holiday destinations and factors affecting travel and tourism worldwide.