Summer 2020 and Return to School

In readiness for our return to school in September 2020, we have a number of resources that you may find useful.

To begin with for our students we have a Summer 2020 Activity List.  How many of these activities can you tick-off before September?

Click here for the activity list:

For pupils and parents we have produced an information pack for the return to school in September.  It is essential that you read through this so you understand how we are complying with social distancing whilst returning to school so we can make school as safe as possible for students and staff.

Click here for the Pupil & Parent Pack for September Return:

Our Safeguarding team have compiled a list of contacts and resources that you may find useful.  This includes details about Emergency Resilience Funding, Bereavement counselling and Kooth online support for young people.

Click here for these contacts:

Further details regarding Kooth can be found here:

Arena Academy’s Student Welfare page can be found here: