Arena Academy App

31st August 2018

Parents and Carers, We invite you to download our Arena Academy App. As part of our efforts to improve communication with families, we have a Arena Academy App and would […]

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Term Dates – Academy Academic Year 2018 – 2019

22nd August 2018

Autumn Term 2018 Term starts:             Tuesday 4th September 2018 Inset Day:                 Monday 3rd September 2018 Half Term:                Monday 29th October 2018 to Friday 2nd November 2018 Inset Day:                 Monday 5th […]

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The National Safety Certification Scheme for Schools: Arena Academy

15th August 2018

“Arena Academy has a really positive attitude with regard to health and safety and it is clear to see that safety is taken extremely seriously and that it is very […]

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Paperless Newsletter: Issue 1

20th July 2018

Good Afternoon, In recent years, we have all become more aware of the harm waste plastic does to the environment – but did you know that it takes twice the […]

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Headteacher End of Year Letter

19th July 2018

Headteacher End of Year Letter

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Year 9 (will be Year 10 in September) – CORE Culture Challenge this Summer Holiday

17th July 2018

This summer, all students in Year 9 (will be Year 10 in September)  are invited to complete the CORE Culture Challenge over the summer holiday. You will need to demonstrate […]

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Canal Trip

12th June 2018

In June 2018, 120 of our students from years 7-10 embarked upon Arena’s first ever Residential Canal Trip. Run over 3 weeks the trip was vital in teaching students life […]

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Harry Moseley Cancer Charity – Carer Programme Information

5th June 2018

Whether you are a new Carer or have been looking after a loved one with Cancer for a while this programme has been designed to support you in all aspects […]

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Year 7 at Blackwell Adventure Centre

15th May 2018

On Monday 14th May 2018, we arrived at Blackwell and we were shown to our different camps, set up with big tents and a fire pit. Before we knew it,we […]

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Sailing Trip 2018 – The students have their say!

11th May 2018

Noel Okolie – The trip gave me the opportunity to make friends and moments to remember. One day we were playing the cardboard game it was really fun and there […]

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