High Attainers

Here at Arena Academy, we unremittingly look for opportunities for the enrichment and the development of our High Attaining students. We have an embedded desire to cultivate and extend our students knowledge and understanding of the world both inside and outside of the classroom. As a school, we implement and provide effective provision, which is instrumental in encouraging and inspiring academic excellence and outstanding academic progress. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing a broad spectrum of stimulating, motivating, and challenging activities for our High Attaining students, which permit for intellectual curiosity, the application of higher order thinking skills and the active encouragement of independence and autonomy in learning.

As part of our extensive provision, we work in collaboration with Russell Group Universities and representatives from a wide variety of careers and industries.  Our students attend masterclasses/quizzes and taster days in a variety of diverse subject areas, all of which stretch, challenge and enthuse our High Attaining students. We are of the belief that attendance and participation in such events are influential in assisting our students with a wide spectrum of skills, which are crucial in enabling them to be the leaders of the future. Furthermore, we feel that such initiatives are significant in encouraging our students to retain an ingrained passion for lifelong learning and education.