Key Stage 3 Homework

Unless otherwise stated, all students will receive a piece of homework from each subject once every two weeks.

Eager to promote independence, we invite students to consult each term’s Grade Descriptors which will inform them what they need to do to remain On Target in each subject. These may be accessed online.

We would also direct parents towards our Curriculum Handbook, which indicates when each topic is being taught, as well as providing you with examples of study materials/resources which can be used at home.


  • Art: During the Autumn term, students will be asked to complete three homework tasks that directly relate the learning taking place at school. The tasks will extend key skills such as research, composition, illustration, recording observations and written evaluation. Students will be asked to create a title page/study in response to their project theme or a relevant artist; an observational drawing relevant to their project theme, and a written evaluation of their work with illustrative elements. As with all outcomes we encourage students to produce quality homework that demonstrates good effort and helps progress their skills in Art.


  • Drama: Drama homework consolidates learning outside of the classroom by focussing on developing their understanding and evaluation of drama skills through creative written-based tasks.


  • DT: Students will have 3 DT homework tasks each term. A Preparation task will take the form of research, revision or pre-reading task. A Practice task will involve making diaries or applying technical drawing and CAD skills to different scenarios. An Extended Writing task will involve a written evaluation or self-review of their term’s creative output.


  • English: Homework will be set a minimum of once every two weeks however additional pieces may be set at the teacher’s request. Tasks will range from research tasks, practice exercises and essay writing skills. Students may also be asked to undertake creative writing pieces and projects based on the topic of study.


  • French:
  • Geography:
  • History:
  • ICT:


  • Maths: Maths Homework is set using ‘MyMaths’:, for which instant feedback will be given to students, on key topics of Number, Algebra, Shape and Handling Data. All homework is recorded on the MyMaths site and tracked on the school system which clearly stipulates the necessary steps to take regarding pushing progress and identifying gaps in learning. In order to support students in need of additional support, there is an extra homework booklet which is given to them at the start of each half term. One task is required to be completed per fortnight, however more tasks are included for students to do voluntarily.


  • Music: Music Homework will consist of musical vocabulary games on Students will learn new musical vocab and imbed it using games, quizzes and tests for each new topic they cover.


  • PE: All KS3 students are expected to attend at least one PE club per week. A copy of this timetable is here and in their Passport. Clubs will run before school; at breaktime; lunchtime, and after school. It is the student’s responsibility to get their passport stamped upon attendance at a club. Students will be awarded stamps for taking part in extra-curricular school fixtures or competitions. Homework (i.e.: stamps indicating clubs’ participation) will be checked on arrival to PE lessons each week.


  • RE:


  • Science: All students will receive one piece of Science homework (minimum) relevant to the topic they are currently learning once every two weeks. The pieces set will be specific to individual classes and/or students, with its purpose being to consolidate students’ understanding to ensure they reach their target grade.